Barton Surgery

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Aims and objectives

Our aims and objectives are:

  • To provide the best quality medical care to the patients of Dawlish and the numerous visitors to the town
  • To ensure that patients have confidence in the service we provide
  • Be committed to our patients needs
  • Act with integrity and complete confidentiality
  • Be courteous, approachable, friendly and accommodating
  • Ensure safe and effective services and environment
  • To maintain our motivated and skilled work teams
  • Through monitoring and auditing continue to improve our healthcare services
  • Maintain high quality of care through continuous learning and training
  • To guide our employees in accordance with diversity and equality
  • To ensure effective and robust information governance systems
  • Treat all patients and staff with dignity, respect and honesty

Our purpose is to ensure that patients registered with Dawlish Medical Group are provided with high quality health care, whilst maintaining a friendly, safe practice.